👁‍🗨 Just New released OKD 4.9 (Openshift OpenSource Community Edition) has been published !

OKD 4.9.0

It’s the most stable OKD version I’ve ever seen.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/keremceliker_okd-openshift-opensource-activity-6870807959962689536-RZcV

⚠️My personal suggestion would be to only use “Red Hat Openshift” for “Production and Live Environments” for sure ! – However, it is appropriate to use OKD for Test and Developer environments or for R&D. Of course it’s up to you..

▪️Download Link:

📢 OKD 4.9.0 Release Highlights:
🔺Uses #k8s based v1.22.3
🔸Supports #Kasten K10 by #Veeam with k8s v1.22 for PODs
🔺Integration with #OpenStack: Fixed links in SR-IOV workers (If you re using OKD on #RedHat OpenStack)
🔺Added arm64 support
🔺Added #IBMCloud DNS support
🔺New #Tekton hub integrations for CI/CD tasks
🔺Added new labels to show #Grafana dashboards in ODC and allowed configuring additional Alertmanagers for #Prometheus
🔺Added alerts for issues with load balancers/ports
🔺OKD installer changes were merged, forked installer is no more
🔺Fixed the subject for monitoring CSRs approval
🔺New Feature added unified on CRI to support cgroup v2. Cgroupsv2 is used for new installations, upgraded clusters remain on
cgroupsv1. Users may switch to cgroupsv2 by adding
“systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1” kernel argument via MachineConfig
🔺Added new driver permissions for vmware-vsphere-csi-operators and RedHat #Ceph integrations.
🔺Supporting external control plane topologies
🔺Added a new node role for control planes
🔸New Operators and PODSecurity Container Features
🔸New Features NFS Provisioning on OKD
🔹#Fedora #CoreOS upgraded from 48.34.0 to 49.34.1 (It’s pretty stable working with it for now)
🔺Remove worker disk types below 8GB
and vice-versa…

There also so many seems bug-fixes and features developed for sure as the follows details below;

▪️Detailed Release Link:


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is out now !

As a person who is part of a private group selected by #RedHat who supports the development of the “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta” version, I would like to point out that ;

Red Hat Enterprise #Linux 9 Beta is out now since almost an Hour ! That’s why Don’t wait and go check it out..

For Introduction;


For Release Notes;


Already a Red Hat Customer or Partner ? Get it here please as the follows below;


It doesn’t has a full release yet. I can’t say so much things on it due to Red Hat NDA policies but just wait – there will be release a lot of new features in coming soon for sure !

By the way, You can try #Rhel 9 Beta if you have a no-cost Red Hat #Developer account – just in case !

Announcement | Computer Architecture & HyperConverged Training

Sekom A.S. & Teknolojide Kadın Derneği ve Red Hat işbirliği ile düzenlediğimiz, Türkiye Bilişim Sektörüne “Nitelikli Teknik Mühendis” kazandırmak adına başlattığımız ve devam eden eğitimlerimizin önemli bir konusunu oluşturan “Computer #Architecture ve #HyperConverged (#HCI)” hakkında “Sınav ve Ön eleme” ile oluşturulan özel ve nitelikli iş gücünü karşılaması hedeflenen bir Öğrenci grubuna “01.09.2021 / Çarşamba (Yarın)”Tam Gün bir Eğitim veriyor olacağım.

Önümüzdeki Aylar için olası Teknolojide Kadın Derneği ve Red Hat işbirliği ile düzenleyeceğimiz yeni eğitimler ve katılım talepleriniz için Sekom A.S. adresi ve Blog’unu takip edebilir, iletişim kurabilirsiniz !

Bu eğitimler sonunda seçilecek katılımcılar Sekom A.S. HR bünyesi tarafından değerlendirilecek ve Kurum İş Birimlerine yerleştiriliyor olacaktır.


“01.09.2021 / Wednesday (Tomorrow)” – I will be giving a full day training to a group of students who are targeted to meet the special and qualified workforce created by “Exam and HR Pre-screening” about “Computer #Architecture and #HyperConverged (#HCI )” – We organized in cooperation with Sekom A.S. & Teknolojide Kadın Derneği (Women Tech Community) and Red Hat, which we started to bring “Qualified Technical Engineers” to the Turkish / Global IT Sector and which constitutes an important topic of our ongoing trainings.

You can follow Sekom A.S. address and blog for new trainings and participation requests that we will organize in cooperation with Teknolojide Kadın Derneği and Red Hat for the coming months!

At the end of these trainings, the participants to be selected will be evaluated by Sekom A.S. HR and placed in the Corporate Business Units.

Red Hat Openshift VS. Kubernetes (Traditional)

Geleneksel bir Kubernetes Sistemi mi? **Yoksa Açık Kaynak tabanlı RedHat Openshift Container Platform mu ? **Güvenlik konusunda hangisi daha korunaklı ? **İstediğiniz Kurumsal sonucu almak için hangisi daha esnek çözümler sunuyor ?

Red Hat Openshift Container Platform Plus

Detayları öğrenmek adına Kubernetes ve Red Hat Openshift’i bağımsız olarak Karşılaştırdığım ve Kaleme aldığım Blog yazıma aşağıdaki link’den ulaşabilirsiniz.

EN: You can find out the details of my another Blog post which I independently perspective compare Kubernetes and Red Hat Openshift Container Platform from the link below.

Link 1: https://lnkd.in/dxMstWi

Link 2: https://bit.ly/3haSAsM

How to Reset Forgotten User/Root Password on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (LTS)

I’ve been seeing this problem for a while that everybody has experienced same problem. Yes, there are many solutions were obtained on it but it was not very clear for sure..

After that I said to myself ?? how can you do this in the Fastest and Easiest way ?

Link 1 : https://bit.ly/2RHwwM9

Link 2 : https://link.medium.com/HRw0BuLctgb

New Update: HashiCorp Ambassador Award 2021 !

Proud & Excited to be share Selected and Acknowledged as HashiCorp Ambassador 2021!

This is my 2nd year in a row !

Link: https://bit.ly/3g34kgJ

Thanks to Everyone who Voted for me in globally. It is my pleasure to be active in such a thriving community doing stuff I love !

This award was given to Kubernetes , Openshift , Docker , Tanzu , CloudNative, IBM and RedHat in the Open Source Community for my work..

Part 1 – Red Hat StackRox Security – Complete your Container, DevOps and Cloud-Native Platform demands.

StackRox Security, one of the key acquisition made by Red Hat in January 2021, complements Red Hat’s existing portfolio by bringing critical security capabilities that are missing from its infrastructure and complete Container, DevOps and Cloud-Native Platform demands.

Click on the below link to read *My Article for Sekom and Soitron Group s.r.o Blogs about the new benefits that Red Hat provides to its users with the StackRox Security Move !

**Link: https://lnkd.in/dNq5uxj

Another Achievement making me proud again this year..

I honored to be part of the vExpertPRO Award 2021 Achievement and that means 2nd year in a row as a vExpertPRO. It’s great news to start this week on a happy note for sure..

🔖Also I was awarded sub-specialties in the following 4 categories by VMware Global BU.

vExpert Application Modernization (Kubernetes/Tanzu/Cloud-Native)
vExpert Cloud Provider (Automation / vCloud for AWS)
vExpert NSX
vExpert Security

Thank you for choosing me and making me proud this year.

Link: https://lnkd.in/dv3fF6Z

Proud to be selected as a “Veeam Vanguard Award”

Honored and Proud to be selected as a “Veeam Vanguard Award” ! by Veeam Software Global Team..

It is very honoring to have received this award with due to my support to the Veeam Team and the community regarding Cloud & Container Backup and the Kasten Cloud-Native Backup Product such as Kubernetes, Openshift, Tanzu etc…

I will have the opportunity to work with the entire Veeam Global BU and Vanguard team within this program.

It is a special feeling for this year that I am the only person in Turkey to receive this award.

Thanks NikolaRickKasten Team and Especially “Veeam Turkey Team” for this amazing award and letting me join for 2021.

Honored again VMware vExpert and vCloud Award 2021.

I’m honored again and excited to be part of the vExpert and vCloud Award 2021.

The valuable IBM – RedHat Champion Award given to me this year – Now it followed by the awarding of my 2nd prize by VMware ! , this gave me more than enough motivation for my goals for 2021 and the following years for sure.

Link 1 : https://lnkd.in/dv3fF6Z

Link 2 : https://bit.ly/3jQRzWu

Thank you very much to the entire Global VMware BU team (Cloud & Cloud-Native) who have selected & awarded me this award. I’m also very proud that it’s the 3 year in a row.

In addition, since I am one of the first people selected from Turkey as vExpertPRO, friends who want to become vExpert in the coming periods can contact me.