Red Hat Openshift VS. Kubernetes (Traditional)

Geleneksel bir Kubernetes Sistemi mi? **Yoksa Açık Kaynak tabanlı RedHat Openshift Container Platform mu ? **Güvenlik konusunda hangisi daha korunaklı ? **İstediğiniz Kurumsal sonucu almak için hangisi daha esnek çözümler sunuyor ?

Red Hat Openshift Container Platform Plus

Detayları öğrenmek adına Kubernetes ve Red Hat Openshift’i bağımsız olarak Karşılaştırdığım ve Kaleme aldığım Blog yazıma aşağıdaki link’den ulaşabilirsiniz.

EN: You can find out the details of my another Blog post which I independently perspective compare Kubernetes and Red Hat Openshift Container Platform from the link below.

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How to Reset Forgotten User/Root Password on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (LTS)

I’ve been seeing this problem for a while that everybody has experienced same problem. Yes, there are many solutions were obtained on it but it was not very clear for sure..

After that I said to myself ?? how can you do this in the Fastest and Easiest way ?

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New Update: HashiCorp Ambassador Award 2021 !

Proud & Excited to be share Selected and Acknowledged as HashiCorp Ambassador 2021!

This is my 2nd year in a row !


Thanks to Everyone who Voted for me in globally. It is my pleasure to be active in such a thriving community doing stuff I love !

This award was given to Kubernetes , Openshift , Docker , Tanzu , CloudNative, IBM and RedHat in the Open Source Community for my work..

Part 1 – Red Hat StackRox Security – Complete your Container, DevOps and Cloud-Native Platform demands.

StackRox Security, one of the key acquisition made by Red Hat in January 2021, complements Red Hat’s existing portfolio by bringing critical security capabilities that are missing from its infrastructure and complete Container, DevOps and Cloud-Native Platform demands.

Click on the below link to read *My Article for Sekom and Soitron Group s.r.o Blogs about the new benefits that Red Hat provides to its users with the StackRox Security Move !